I’m a longtime Yellowknife photographer and writer. I look at this blog as a way to share my little (and not so little) photo projects with friends and anyone else interested. My photography style seems to swing wildly from journalistic/documentary to over- the -top Photoshop, depending on my mood and on what I think the shot needs to make it work. Hope you enjoy these little vignettes of northern life and please comment if you feel like it.


3 Responses to About

  1. Adrian Bell says:

    Fran,do you mind if I repost the Ice King post on my blog, Above All, Yellowknife? Great work.

  2. David Sproule says:

    Excellent photos of one of my favourite places in Canada. We lived there from ’74 – 86 and my wife spent her teen years there from ’50 – 58 living on Morrison Drive

  3. Stumbled across this blog when I was looking for locations in north America to find fishing villages and weather beaten structures, and i love a lot of your images! Would be great to know if you could tell about any other areas in Canada or America that have harbors, ports or any kind of places like yellowknife for my future travels.

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