One of the perks of living on the North is the occasional guilt free winter holiday…we deserve it. This is shot from the balcony or on the beach at our condo on Kauai. No excitement….just peace and relaxation. The batteries are now recharged.


About franhurcombphotography

I'm a photographer and writer based in Yellowknife, NWT, 62.5 degrees north latitude. I've been taking photos across the north for over 35 years. Some of my blog content is old....most of it new. My style seems to change on a regular basis, which keeps life interesting. Enjoy.
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  1. Billy Kearns says:

    Fran, it’s Billy Kearns. Just bought a copy of you book Old Town. You are most certainly one of my YK heros. I love it! Thanks for being you and a big hug.
    Currently I’m working on a two year project of drawings and paintings based on my 8 years in the Woodyard and my solo canoe trips. Mostly portraits, and I’ve started contacting the families I know that have been here “forever”. Luckily I had a lot of sketches from that time and some photos. This book of yours just got me more excited about it all.

    • Thanks Bill. Glad you enjoyed it. It was a bit of a labour of love and I wasn’t entirely sure how it would turn out. Glad I did it. Look forward to seeing your work. Just keep plugging away and suddenly, one day, it will be done. Have fun. Fran

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